New York is such an iconic place that is an eclectic mix of music, history, immigrants, art, and industry. Hollywood has its own phrase “Old Hollywood Glam” to capture the classic essence of itself, well I think New York has “New York Nostalgia.” Every once in a while everyone is due for an escape, and New York is the perfect place. Make time to take in the sights that are a part of New York’s roots; moreover, the sights, experiences, and inspiration will give one the extra lift to get back into the swing of things after a trip.

Historical Sights 

Rockefeller Center has something to offer for everyone ranging from shopping, dinning, tours, and sights from the observation deck. Admire the beauty and history that surrounds this national historic landmark. Another amazing building made famous by the movie King Kong is the Empire State Building, which was interestingly enough opened by President Hoover in 1931. See the city from a whole new perspective! History not only lies in the buildings of the city, but also in its musical spirit. The performing arts have thrived in this city for decades, so make sure to visit Broadway and Radio City Music Hall. Lastly, grab a bite to eat and hum the tunes to Sinatra’s famous song “New York, New York” while exploring Little Italy.


Explore something old in the city that keeps abreast with the new, only in New York!


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