Macy’s Herald Square in Manhattan is having their annual flower show from Sunday March 26th through Sunday April 9th. This limited time spectacle will pay homage to the iconic American carnival with flowers, food, and music. So stop by and experience the some of the sights and sounds of spring time in Manhattan!

There are plenty of things to do besides smell the roses, although that will be nice too! Events during the show include:

March 26th – 1pm – Living Floral Cakes Making With Shirley Bovshow! – Learn how to make a living floral cake.


March 26th – 1pm – Flower Show Fun House – Stilt walkers, artwork, and music recreating the classic Coney Island Charm.

March 26th – 1pm – Flower Show Family Fun Day – Hands-on circus activities.

March 29th – 6pm – Flower Show Paint Night – Follow-along paint seminar.

March 31st – 1pm – Chalkboard Art With Chalk Market – Learn how to make perfect chalkboard flower art.

April 1st – 1pm – Cooking event with Skinnytaste – Healthy cooking tips from Gina Homolka and Elizabeth Hashagen.

April 1st – 2pm- Say Yes To The Prom – TLC’s Say Yes to the Prom presents prom fashion trends and styling tips.

April 2nd – 1pm – GODIVIA Chocolatier, Chef Thierry Muret – Enjoy live Jazz and chocolate tasting.

April 3rd – 1pm – Flower Show Bouquet Making – Learn how to make stunning bouquets.






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